Perkeros @ the CBBD

Times have been a little hectic, but I managed to sort out some of the photos from the Perkeros exhibit in the Belgian Comic Strip Center. You’ll find the material on the Finnish Comics webpage. I was truly sorry fellow scriptwriter KP couldn’t make it, but we attended the exhibition opening with my family. Thanks again to all the parties involved who made this happen. I was truly overwhelmed by the opening and did my best not to get all mushy and emotional (#fail), but well… this book really is a labor of love.

I was also a bit worried how I’d be able to chat about the book in English, but the interviews we’re surprisingly fun and laid-back. A big thanks to all the journalists for making me feel at home. I especially liked the interview for Le Gant de Toilette radio program (beginning at around 19:18 if you wish to skip Ghost of Perdition ;) ) and the surprise visit by a Chinese TV-crew(?).

Brussels really treated us well, and I can’t wait to go back soon. If you’re in the neighborhood, please check out the exhibit at the CBBD. It’s there till mid-June. Thanks for all the love and support we’ve received from the French readers so far! You’re fueling us forward, seriously. All the best, talk to you soon.

Like Plastic revisited


Tällaiset somat kirjat saapuivat byroolle eilen. Kyseessä on siis Kevin Wignallin kirjoittama pienoisromaani Like Plastic, josta aiemmin jo blogissani mainitsin. Hykertelin itsekseni, sillä kirja tuntuu kouraan todella kivalta. Olisi hienoa päästä tekemään lisää tällaisia pienempiä opuksia.


Kirjaa voi suositella lämpimästi kesälukemiseksi (voin avoimesti kehua, kun juoni ei tällä kertaa ole omaa käsialaa ;) ). Tarina on inasen kieroutunut ja välillä mennään makaaberin puolelle, mutta mukana on yllin kyllin lakonista brittihuumoria ja yllättäviä juonenkäänteitä.


Kirja löytyy kaupoista tällä viikolla, ja toki sitä saa meikäläisenkin nettipuljusta. Muutamia kappaleita sitä kustantajalta tilailin.

The French edition is out

Perkeros – Les notes fantômes is indeed out today! We sincerely hope you like the book, as there’s a lot of heart put into it. The EnglishGerman, Italian and Spanish editions will follow this fall, we’ll keep you posted on those, of course.

If you’re feeling lucky, check out the Perkeros competition on Casterman’s website, where you’ll be able to win 3-day passes to Hellfest Open Air or yearly subscriptions to Hard Rock Mag simply by answering a few book related questions. The questions are easy peasy! If you don’t know the answers yet, you can plough through the first 100 pages or so of the story on Delitoon and do your research. ;) The new batch was just uploaded today.

A big thanks to everyone who came to the opening of the exhibition in Brussels last week. I’ll post more about the trip once I have the time. The exhibit is open till the 15th of June, so please check it out if you’re visiting the Belgian Comic Strip Center! While there, I gave several interviews on Perkeros and comics in general, and I hear the first is out on Radio Panik. You can find the audio online here (beginning at around 9 mins, the interview starting at around 19 mins). And speaking of interviews, thanks to Harri Römpötti for the heartfelt interview in Helsingin Sanomat.

In any case, that’s it for now, I guess. The book is in stores, our French friends. Hope you enjoy the opening story!